Global Gateway has been traditionally known as a Mover and Freight Forwarder Company. These business activities will continue to be its dominance and will grow.

Global Gateway was established to serve total logistic service covering all aspect of removal industries, since establishment of this company and also 3 years ago. Being the only local company behind this, we are here to serve all global aspects covering “total logistics” kind of service throughout for all of our customer at all times.

Our main objective to ensure that “Customer service Excellence” are achieved by going though this era movement of globalization.

In moving ahead to the next millennium along with the Nation’s Economic Growth, under the management, Global Gateway has begun to spread its wings into offering Integrated Logistics Services such as distribution, warehousing and inventory & project management.

Therefore, it has been our major drive to ensure that the fundamentals of Customer service Best Practices be an place at all times through :
  • Skilful and highly committed workforce.
  • Adequate high technology in information Technology, Communication, Transport, Storage and Handling System.
  • Tactical and Cost Effective Business Operation.