Commercial Packaging and Removal Services

Relocating a business is a major logistical operation with enormous number of requirement to be considered.

Inadequate or last minute planning can make the whole relocation an operation nightmare!!! This can be avoided or at least minimized.

Good forwarding planning with expert advice from relocation professional will ensure a smooth and effective transition to the new base or operation, with minimum disruption to an organisation’s work flow.

Global Gateway is widely experienced in quality office relocation – ensuring close coordination and communication with it’s customer from the initial pre-planning stages to the completion of the move; thus minimize the possibility of delay, damages or misplaced items.

Our commercial removal services offers:
  • Supervision – The company and Global Gateway
  • Supply of Packing Material
  • Supply of Labour
  • Supply of Transport, Tools and Equipment
  • Carpentry, electrical, Steel and Construction Works, if required
  • Packing
  • Marking/Coding
  • Unpacking of Goods from cartons
  • Moving of computers, typewriters and sensitive equipment
  • Co-ordinate parking arrangement/requirement
  • Building protection
  • Insurance, if required
  • Disposal of used cartons